Anther: A daily supplement to power men's privates. Be an overachiever.

A patented, physician-formulated daily supplement that gives you more energy and blood flow where it counts.

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One bottle contains a 30-day supply of Anther.


$19.99/bottle with monthly subscription

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Why Choose Anther

Anther helps cells win the daily battle against aging by naturally stimulating the production of nitric oxide and warding off toxic free radicals that accumulate as we age. Free radicals damage the cells of the penis. Anther protects against this degenerative process.

Anther helps the penis fight natural aging every day.

Self-care means taking care.

Targeted ingredients

Combined in exact doses after years of research, these four ingredients comprise Anther – a safe way for men to support their natural penile function.


Guarana, more commonly known as paullinia cupana, is a fruit-bearing tree whose seeds are ground into powder and used for stimulatory properties.


People in the Amazon have used Muira Puama for hundreds of years as a medicinal herb, which has been shown to increase both libido and penile health. We think the 1,000-year track record of this plant has helped earn its local name, “Potency Wood.”

Anther pill bottle cap Anther pills Anther pill bottle


Creating a daisy chain in the body; L-Citrulline converts to nitric oxide. This helps increase blood flow by helping blood vessels relax and work more efficiently. It also helps fight the penile aging process that happens to all men over 30.


Ginger, considered a “superfood,” has a history of use in alternative medicine. Gingerol is the main bioactive component of ginger and has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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I’ve been taken this product for 4 months now. I’m satisfied so far on the results I see… I wish I would’ve known about this product sooner.

Nafesh C.

It's Working. I'm Feeling Better. Have More Energy. I Can Tell A Difference in My Body.

Keith D.

Great supplement. I can feel the difference, just feel healthier and maybe 15, 20 years younger, more confident, and able.

Paul G.

Great product. Does exactly what it says it will. Great product. I've noticed a big difference. I've always been an active guy, I try to stay fit. I noticed a lot of changes in my body (for the worse) when I turned 40. Now that I'm into my third bottle, I feel 20 years younger. I highly recommend anyone feeling the affects of age to give this product a try.


So happy that I purchased this for my husband. For sure one of my best decisions.

Amporn, NY

Feelin' young. It gives me the feeling I’m back in my youth.

Harold, TX

Anther works great, I have been feeling a difference since taking. It helps you reach your full potential down there.

William M.

I felt like I could tell it was working in about a week, and it gets better every day!!! Yes this works like nothing else!!!!

Rayford L.

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