'All men have age-related changes. It’s just a natural part of getting older which is why I highly recommend Anther to all my patients. It is designed to help protect against the natural aging process and help men feel supported and healthy. It’s a no brainer.'


What The Experts Say

The results

We asked our users, men who take Anther daily, how they felt.  Basically, it’s good stuff that keeps the “down there” on the up.



Anther - as part of my daily regimen - makes me feel like I'm doing all I can to stay fit - including my intimate wellness



Anther makes me feel invigorated and youthful



Anther makes me feel more open and relaxed when any personal moment arises



Anther makes me feel proactive about my wellness and aging process



I feel that Anther helps my body to perform as it was meant to



Using Anther gives me confidence that I'm doing all I can to preserve my health and youthful vigor

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I’ve been taken this product for 4 months now. I’m satisfied so far on the results I see… I wish I would’ve known about this product sooner.

Nafesh C.

It's Working. I'm Feeling Better. Have More Energy. I Can Tell A Difference in My Body.

Keith D.

Great supplement. I can feel the difference, just feel healthier and maybe 15, 20 years younger, more confident, and able.

Paul G.

Great product. Does exactly what it says it will. Great product. I've noticed a big difference. I've always been an active guy, I try to stay fit. I noticed a lot of changes in my body (for the worse) when I turned 40. Now that I'm into my third bottle, I feel 20 years younger. I highly recommend anyone feeling the affects of age to give this product a try.


So happy that I purchased this for my husband. For sure one of my best decisions.

Amporn, NY

Feelin' young. It gives me the feeling I’m back in my youth.

Harold, TX

Anther works great, I have been feeling a difference since taking. It helps you reach your full potential down there.

William M.

I felt like I could tell it was working in about a week, and it gets better every day!!! Yes this works like nothing else!!!!

Rayford L.