Our mission

Our mission is to use nature and science to safely optimize and sustain long-term health and wellness for male intimacy. 

It’s a matter of science: sexual activity helps men live longer, happier, higher quality lives. We are happy to contribute to that.

What exactly is an anther?

When you gather three natural, organic, plant-based ingredients and enhance them with the right amount of amino acid, finding a name is a bit of a journey. As we explored the anatomy of the plants we used, we were introduced to the anther, the “testicles” of the plant’s male reproductive system. It was a hallelujah moment. What better way to capture the part of the stem that gathers the pollen. In the same way that the anther supplements the growth and health of the smooth muscle cells. Healthy plant, healthy nether regions. You’re welcome.

The naked truth

Our blog, “The Naked Truth” is built to support the unraveling of male intimacy options, concerns and questions.  You welcome supplements for thinning hair, for a keener mind, for stronger muscles.  Your penis, “Nether Regions”, “Nethers” and “Down There” are crying out for attention.

Join us on our crusade to eliminate stigma from natural male aging.

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