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Anther’s team of physicians, researchers, and scientists have created a patented daily supplement with three natural ingredients and amino acids designed to increase and maintain energy and blood flow for the long term, so the health of your cells is preserved and re-energized every day.

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Our team has been at the forefront of understanding the foundational biology of erectile function. Anther is the product of that work, informed by breakthrough science and designed to work with the body’s natural chemistry.

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Noted Brazilian physician and nutraceutical expert, Dr. Milchteim is also the owner of JMC NC Inc, which won the 2017 Presidential Export Award from the Department of Commerce.




Department of Pharmacy at Shanxi People's Hospital of the People's Republic of China.




Chairman of the Department of Health and Life Sciences at Drew University School of Medicine in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Ferrini is an NIH-funded investigator and has published more than 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of neurobiology and urology.

our research behind anther

The aging penis: What is it trying to tell us?

Identifying the potential benefit of the iNOS (inducible nitric oxide synthase) pathway in slowing the aging changes within the penis.

Comp-4 (anther) as a method for slowing the progression of SMC Fibrosis in anmials

The first time Anther was studied in the lab.

No and healthy erectile function

Discovering that NO is a key contributor to a man's ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

The role of smooth muscle

Explaining the important part smooth muscle cells play in allowing blood flow into and out of the penis.



Anther is a plant-based, doctor-formulated daily supplement that powers the penis for long-term wellness and supports active sexual health as men age.

Anther’s patented, doctor-formulated mix of natural ingredients and amino acids help keep smooth muscle cells in the penis healthy as you age. Doctors know that as men pass the age of 30 the cells in their penis begin to wear out. Anther’s ingredients deliver a Nitric Oxide Booster Complex, which increases nitric oxide in smooth muscle cells to reduce free radicals, and stimulate blood flow to the penis. 

Anther is the culmination of more than a decade of research by an international team of leading doctors and scientists. Animal, in-vitro and pre-clinical human studies indicate that Anther supports the health of these smooth muscle cells.

Anther delivers immediate and long-term wellness for your penis. Anther is a daily supplement for intimate health, similar to how you might take calcium for your bones, or CoQ10 for your heart. When taken as recommended, some men start seeing improvements within 30 days, however it can take up to three months to see the maximum results you can achieve and maintain with continued use. Anther delivers optimal cellular health for your lifetime. 

Anther is not a prescription drug; it is a, dietary supplement made with patented, plant-based ingredients. However, we always recommend you discuss your wellness regimen with your health care professional.

The international team of doctors, researchers and scientists who developed Anther is led by Jacob Rajfer, M.D., a renowned researcher on the health and function of the penis  whose work has been utilized in the development of products such as Viagra. A Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Urology at UCLA, Dr. Rajfer made UCLA one of the top basic science research centers in the field of erectile function.

After the age of 30, the smooth muscle cells in your penis begin to atrophy. As the body ages, it loses its ability to fight the effects of free radicals. The result? More free radicals, more oxidative stress, and more damage to cells, which leads to degenerative processes, as well as "normal" aging. 

Antioxidants can lead to a decrease in free radicals, which is why the body needs to produce nitric oxide (NO), a powerful antioxidant that fights the effects of aging throughout the body. Anther’s ingredients deliver a Nitric Oxide Booster Complex, which increases nitric oxide in smooth muscle cells to reduce free radicals, and stimulate blood flow to the penis.

The younger men begin taking Anther, the better, but Anther is for every man and is designed to keep cells healthy regardless of age. It's never too late for intimate wellness.

There is no age limit on intimate wellness. Anther is for every man. Anther’s patented, doctor-formulated ingredients deliver a Nitric Oxide Booster Complex, which increases nitric oxide in smooth muscle cells to reduce free radicals and stimulate blood flow to the “nether regions”. Our supplement is designed to keep cells healthy regardless of age.

Anther is a patented blend of plant-based ingredients and an amino acid. It contains L-citrulline, muira puama extract, ginger extract and guarana extract. The ingredients and the Anther formulation have been the subject of extensive mechanistic studies. Anther combined these ingredients in exact dosages after years of research.

Anther is for every man. It is a powerful part of an optimal male wellness regimen.  As with any new wellness routine, if you have any medical problems or take any medications, you should consult with your doctor.

Anther's recommended dose is four capsules a day. You can take them all at once, or separate them into two doses of two capsules. While we know this is more than some men are used to, it is important to take the correct amount for maximum benefit. We recommend taking Anther with food and a full glass of water.

Take the regular dose on the following day, and continue on your course. Do not double the dosage.

Uncommon side effects attributed to Anther include bitter taste, dyspepsia (indigestion) and, in rare instances, heartburn. We recommend taking the product with food and a full glass of water to help limit these side effects. If you experience other side effects, stop taking Anther and call your doctor. You can also reach us at 1-833-738-2200 or by email at info@antherwellness.com.

No known interactions exist, but please consult your doctor.

Anther is manufactured domestically using plant-based ingredients sourced from the U.S. and Brazil in a facility that meets FDA dietary supplement manufacturing requirements. As with all supplement manufacturing facilities, the facility is subject to inspection by state and federal authorities.

Anther is sold exclusively on our site. Please visit our product page for purchase and subscription options.

Anther is meant to be taken continuously, which is why we don’t offer samples. We do, however, have a 45-day money back guarantee.

Subscribing is not only the best way for you to save on Anther, but it is also the easiest way to ensure you always have a supply of product and don’t interrupt your daily wellness regimen.

Subscribing offers the following benefits: 

- Best savings

- Automatic discreet delivery

- Convenient automatic payments

- No minimum commitment and you can cancel at any time

We are proud of Anther and stand by its efficacy. When taken as recommended, a preclinical study suggests some men may start seeing benefits within 30 days. Anther is intended to support you for the long term, but if for any reason you aren't satisfied, contact us within 45 days of your purchase, and we will refund your purchase price.

View our full refund policy here.

Ongoing subscriptions can be cancelled anytime by logging in to your account. Cancel seven business days before renewal to avoid being charged.

Please email any changes or updates to info@antherwellness.com.

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