Use These 3 Tips to Find Time for Fitness in Your Busy Life
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Use These 3 Tips to Find Time for Fitness in Your Busy Life

Published 06/09/2022

Does it seem like life is a continuous stream of meetings and responsibilities that crush your ability to meet your fitness goals?

Forget an hour at the gym; some days, we're lucky to have time for lunch on the run.

Contrary to what some people think, working from home doesn't make your schedule any lighter. Many people report working longer hours from home than they did at the office. 

Always being "at work" means you're never really off the clock. Emails need answering, and the phone doesn't stop ringing when you live down the hall from the office.

Whether pumping iron at the gym or walking toward 10,000 steps a day, skipping your fitness routine affects both your physical and mental health. It's a slippery slope that leads to a cliff of obesity and chronic illness.

What are some simple steps we can take to find time for fitness?


Set Boundaries

Everyone has loose boundaries, but only a few of us have a set of "non-negotiables" in our day. Non-negotiables are decisions made in advance that you will not change.

Sure, you have things in your life that you will or will not do in a broader sense. These boundaries are more like personal beliefs and convictions. But what about non-negotiables in your daily life and, more importantly, the fitness goals on your calendar?

Most people prefer to keep their calendars flexible. After all, something important could come up. When you're flexible, there's always going to be time to reschedule for some other pressing matter. When this happens, the time you schedule every day for fitness seems to disappear like magic.

Making fitness a non-negotiable on the calendar also creates a sense of accountability. A to-do list can pile up whenever a flexible calendar allows for it. We find things to do to avoid the uncomfortable. 

How many excuses can you come up with for skipping today's workout?

Choose to make fitness a non-negotiable. It's an appointment you must keep, and you will. 


Gamify It!

When you make exercise a game with levels and competition, you'll be less likely to ignore fitness goals.

Gamification is what makes fitness trackers so popular. Give yourself a daily goal like 10,000 steps and track it relentlessly until you achieve it. That little buzz on your phone or fireworks emoji on your smartwatch are dopamine hits that you'll chase regardless of your schedule.

Here are a few apps to help you gamify your fitness routine:

  • Fitocracy - This role-playing game allows you to work alone or as a team to keep accountable. You level up by eating healthy and working out regularly.
  • Superhero Workout - Have you dreamt of being a superhero and saving the world? This mission-based fitness app tasks you with saving humanity from invasion. Shields and weapons become available as you complete different missions.
  • Zombies, Run! - This is another of the superhero workouts that keep you moving to escape the zombie apocalypse. Search for supplies as you run for your life in over 200 different missions. This app alone is responsible for over 40 million kilometers logged online.
  • HealthyWage - This fitness app challenges you to put your money where your mouth is. Invest a few dollars and get paid when you stick to and meet your fitness goals. The app also has jackpots and team challenges to add some green to your routine.


Find an Accountability Partner

If you have an appointment with a personal trainer, it's unlikely that you'll miss it because of an overload of emails or that one last thing before you can leave. 

The same rules apply when you have a workout buddy. You might want to skip today, but you have an obligation to someone else.

The easiest person to let down is yourself, especially when no one is watching.

How many times have you said to yourself, "I'll go to the gym later," and never did? The simple act of needing to tell another person that you're too busy or can't make it today can be the difference between showing up or skipping out.

Finding time for fitness in your busy life boils down to living with intention. If you want to keep a focus on fitness, schedule it, make it fun, and involve other people.


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