The Top 5 Opposing Mindsets Preventing You from Being an Alpha Male
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The Top 5 Opposing Mindsets Preventing You from Being an Alpha Male

Published 06/11/2021

Are you an alpha male? Probably not, or you wouldn't be reading this article. Would you like to be an alpha male? We'll assume yes since you're reading this article. It's a fair assumption that every man wishes to be an alpha. After all, they make blockbuster movies about the Lion King and King Kong, not what's his name in middle management.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it. You're comfortable in your own skin and don't mind being part of the crew, the guy that chases acceptable romantic partners, and the one who does all the work but doesn't get any of the credit. Keep telling yourself that, and someday maybe you'll believe it. 

Sure, not everyone gets to be the boss, but that doesn't mean it can't be you. What exactly is an alpha male anyway? It's not always the bold, overconfident likes of Conor McGregor and Kanye West. Alphas also include men with stoic calmness like Keanu Reeves and Kevin Durant. 

It doesn't matter if you're a knuckle dragger or an intellectual, but being a top dog does depend on the situation. If The Rock and Bill Gates walk into the same room, who's the alpha? Wouldn't it matter if it were a WWE convention or a tech conference? No man is the alpha in all circumstances, not even The Rock. 

If perchance, you feel like you're the silverback in every room you enter, you might consider upgrading your choice of venues.  

Leader vs. Follower

When you're a follower, it allows for others to decide your fate. Strangely enough, many followers are allowed to believe they control their fate until they stray outside of the boundaries set by the leader. Followers do what they're supposed to do without question. If they do question authority, they likely acquiesce to the leader.

Alpha males aren't always the leader, but they assert as much control over the situation as possible. Leadership usually has a hierarchy like the military. A General commands the Colonel, while a Lieutenant follows both but rules a smaller platoon or squad. In each given situation, order determines the alpha.

If you cannot assert your dominance at some point in the chain, you become subjugated as a beta.

Focused vs. Distracted

Do you constantly jump from one project to another because you lack the focus to complete the task? Too many people find themselves swept up in a storm of low outcome activities or busy work. Remember that no one person is the alpha in every situation, and without focus, you cannot dominate any circumstance.

As the saying goes, "Jack of all trades, master of none." Alphas maintain the determination to dominate in at least one arena.

Lazy vs. Productive

A lazy mindset is the calling card of a beta male. They don't possess the discipline to achieve big things and, as a result, will never lead or dominate other men. Like a silverback gorilla, some alphas may seem inattentive or passive at times but are no doubt intensely aware of their surroundings.

Many alphas are uber-productive in a single area and lacking in almost all others. The GOATs (Greatest of All Time) of their respective sports, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, are notorious for the single-minded, relentless pursuit of their craft to the detriment of everything else.

Fearful vs. Confident

These two mindsets are not necessarily in opposition to each other. Every human experiences fear, but confidence is the ability to overcome that anxiety. 

A fearful man cannot get past the idea of something going wrong and becomes stuck. The confident alpha finds fear exhilarating and prepares himself for what may go wrong while still moving forward. A confident man is comfortable being uncomfortable.

Do you know why the alpha gets the hottest girl/guy, the big promotion, or anything else he sets his mind to? He wins because he's not afraid of losing.

Don't confuse confidence with arrogance. Confidence is a belief in one's abilities, and arrogance is often a mechanism used to disguise fear outwardly. 

Short vs. Long-term Thinking

A short-term mindset is similar to a lazy mindset. Short-term thinkers are the ones who fall for get-rich schemes, fad diets, and easy workout routines. They try every shortcut possible to beat the alphas who seek long-term growth. Short-termers want instant gratification and feel good at the moment, but it doesn't last.

A trait often found in alphas is directness, and it's a form of long-term thinking. They don't wait for something or somebody to solve a problem. If there's a disagreement, they face it head-on. When a painful decision needs making, they don't kick the can down the road. Alphas understand the value of making hard decisions now. 

Long-term thinkers follow through on their projects because they have a plan and don't get sucked into what's easy, convenient, or cheap at the moment. Alphas have a vision and work to achieve it. Things don't just happen to them. They don't rely on luck and take responsibility for their actions. 

Becoming Alpha

If you haven't figured it out by now, every man can reach the top of the food chain by making a few changes. Make efforts to routinely put yourself in positions to compete and realize that you won't win every battle but will emerge better for the experience. The young lion becomes the King of Jungle by challenging his opponents, not attrition. 

A true alpha finds that thing he excels at doing and works to improve his skills daily. He doesn't let fear stop him from getting the life he desires. Alphas have a plan and never take the easy way out. They thrive on competition and seek out better rivals. True alphas aren't born; they're made!

What do you want to be; stronger, smarter, sexier? It's up to you! 

Get ready to dominate.