The Top 10 Anti-Aging and Wellness Tips Men Need Now
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The Top 10 Anti-Aging and Wellness Tips Men Need Now

Published 05/04/2021

If you're in your 30s or maybe 40s, the realization starts creeping into your mind that you're possibly not as invincible as you believed a decade ago. When gazing into the bathroom mirror, you begin to notice the slow march of time with a bit of wrinkle here and gray hair there. A dad-bod might be in your future, or maybe the future is now. Whatever your case, in the game of life, Father Time is undefeated.

So what are you going to do about it? You could sit back and let nature take its course, or you can decide to take the fight to the old man percolating inside. It's up to you!

The science of anti-aging and wellness has come a long way since our parent's generation's cold creams and hair dyes. Today's research indicates you can slow the aging process and maintain your energy and vitality, if not increase it.


The Top 10

Start using these proven anti-aging and wellness tips today to keep looking and feeling young for decades to come:

  • Stay hydrated - All the skin creams in the world can't keep your skin looking more healthy and youthful than drinking water. A great way to stay hydrated is by sipping water all day, never letting yourself feel thirsty. Drink water, not nuclear-colored energy drinks, soda, or juice. Your body craves simple H2O and doesn't need added sugar and chemical ingredients. 
  • Use a humidifier - We spend a lot of time indoors, especially during COVID, and temperature-controlled air is dry. A humidifier will help you stay hydrated and keep your respiratory system moist. Moisture in your nose, throat, and lungs is vital to fight and prevent viruses. If you're a mouth-breather when you sleep, a humidifier is essential.
  • Take cold showers - A nice, steamy shower might feel good and relax your muscles, but it's making you old. Not only does a cold shower cool you down after a workout, but it's scientifically proven to enhance recovery by reducing inflammation, boost your mood with increased endorphins, and strengthen your immune system. Achieve all the wellness benefits with as little as 30 seconds of intense cold water at the end of your regular bathing.
  • Eat better - If you get your food through a window or in a plastic wrapper, your diet likely lacks optimal nutrition for wellness and longevity. A diet low in sugar and high in antioxidants is the key to maintaining the proper weight and aging gracefully. For a list of anti-aging superfoods, continue following our Anther blog, "The Naked Truth."
  • Visit your doctor regularly - When you're in your teens and 20s, it's possible to get away with going to the doctor only when there's a concern. As we age, though, it becomes vital that we have regular physicals and health screenings. Discovering health issues in the early stages can be the difference between curing a disease or dying from it. 
  • Sleep on a schedule - You're college days of all-nighters, whether studying or partying, should be behind you. Proper sleep is responsible for the repair and detoxification of our bodies. It balances our hormones and improves circulation while ensuring you're ready for the challenges of the day ahead. A man over 25 years old requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. Your best sleep occurs when you go to bed and wake up at the same time every night.
  • Spend time in the sun, but not too much - There's a fine line between the glow of beautifully sunkissed skin and the pain of being burnt to a crisp. The vitamin D you get from the sun is almost impossible to replace with food or supplements. Sun exposure improves brain function, eases depression, improves sleep, and boosts your immune system. Getting some sun means more than sporting a tan. Expose your skin to the sun in the mornings and early evenings, but use sunscreen or cover-up when its rays are most potent.
  • Stress less - There will be many stressful moments in your day that are out of your control. You can't avoid someone cutting you off in traffic, your neighbor's dog barking, or the restaurant getting your takeout order wrong, but how you handle them is entirely within your capabilities. There's probably not a single aspect of life more responsible for premature aging than stress. Learn how to deal with stress through meditation, exercise, or deep breathing. This topic is another we'll cover in-depth with future blog posts.
  • Adopt healthy habits - Each item mentioned on this list is a valuable tip for anti-aging and wellness but only if implemented. To create a habit, use these three steps; trigger, action, and reward. The trigger is the signal to the brain that leads to action. When you reward the action and repeat it enough times, your mind constructs a behavioral loop. That's a habit.
  • Supplement your lifestyle - Although we like to believe that living a low-stress life full of healthy habits while spending time in the sun eating well and hydrating is possible, it's not realistic. Life always gets in the way, and that's where supplements come in. Supplements are not only your insurance policy against occasional failures; they're the link to building a healthy habit.

Do you know that according to a consumer survey, 81% of adults take a dietary supplement? Also, men who take daily supplements are more likely to exercise regularly and eat better. Taking a supplement is your wellness trigger.

If you already take a supplement for a keener mind, healthier heart, and stronger muscles, why are you ignoring your penis?


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