Why Do Men Overlook Aging and Wellness Where it Counts the Most?
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Why Do Men Overlook Aging and Wellness Where it Counts the Most?

Published 05/04/2021

Can you do as many pushups today as you could ten years ago? How about sit-ups? Have you lost a step or two when playing sports? Did you know the same aging process occurs in every area of your body, even “down there”?

The truth is that cellular aging begins at 30, and from then on, nature can challenge a man's vitality at a greater percentage year after year. In addition to graying hair and less defined muscle tone, natural cellular atrophy can impact intimate function and overall wellness.

It's a matter of science: intimate activity helps men live longer, happier, higher-quality lives. 


Privacy for your parts

It's common for men to joke about their privates, but we tend to keep it in our pants when it comes to discussing changes in our bodies. We have no problem walking into a store to buy products that thicken our hair, remove wrinkles, or address an itch. Although when a concern happens to be below the belt, discretion becomes the better part of valor. The truth is, wellness can address this part of the body before an issue arises.

Why do we all of a sudden become shy when talking about the penis? That's right. We said it. Penis. Due to embarrassment or awkwardness, you probably prefer using slang when referring to this important part of the body. 

Plain and simple, men don't like saying it, discussing it, or buying for their penis. We're going to help change that by changing the dialogue to everyday versus issue, vigor versus challenge and well-rounded male wellness.


What is aging?

Often, what we think of as getting older, loose skin and gray hair, results from aging and not its process. The science of aging occurs at the cellular level.

Every cell in your body has a particular lifespan and doesn't reproduce indefinitely. Like the battery in your phone, parts of your cells simply wear out. Each time a cell reproduces, the new cell loses part of its protective covering until ultimately it can no longer divide.

Another aspect of aging is when oxidation or free radicals damage the DNA and eventually cause the cell to die. That's why the health of your cells improves with the ingestion of antioxidants either through food or supplementation.

Your rate of cellular aging depends on several factors, including genetics, diet, physical activity, and environment.


What is wellness?

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness is the active pursuit associated with intentions, choices, and actions working toward an optimal state of health and well-being.

The best way we can explain wellness is that instead of visiting a doctor or taking a prescription for an illness, you engage in preventative measures against disease and aging while focusing on maximizing your vitality. Wellness is a way of life that results in health and happiness.


Where it counts most

So what's anti-aging and wellness for your penis?

The penis is made up of a sponge-like structure called the corpus cavernosum. To become erect, the lining of these cells, called smooth muscle cells (SMC), needs to let blood flow in, almost like a soft sponge. An erection occurs when these cells (SMC) are relaxed and filled with blood.

The smooth muscle cells (SMC) lining the vessels of the penis are destroyed over time, causing blood vessels to stiffen, decreasing blood flow. After age 30, the smooth muscle cells (SMC) of the penis begin to atrophy. 

In 1992, Jacob Rajfer, M.D., demonstrated that nitric oxide (NO) was the key messenger that helps keep smooth muscle cells (SMC) healthy. Nitric oxide (NO) is a potent antioxidant molecule produced naturally by your body that protects against cell death. It's essential to maintain optimal levels of NO in the body.

Optimal wellness for your penis begins before your cells start to atrophy. Taking a daily supplement to fight the harmful free radicals and boost your nitric oxide (NO) levels is your best defense against aging of the “nether regions.”

Most men start this conversation with their doctor after noticing an issue. By that time, it's too late! The doctor then prescribes therapies or performance-enhancing drugs that lead to a lifetime of awkward moments, poor timing, and loss of confidence.

Science and research have evolved, allowing nature and science to safely optimize and sustain the long-term health and wellness of your most important asset.  It’s a new addition to a daily regimen for long-term vitality. 

Welcome to Anther. Male wellness where it counts.