How to Biohack Longevity and Optimize Your Life – Part Three, “The Soul”
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How to Biohack Longevity and Optimize Your Life – Part Three, “The Soul”

Published 07/16/2021

Welcome to the final edition of our three-part series on biohacking. We started with "The Body," followed by "The Brain" in our quest to guide you through the cheat codes for optimizing and extending your life. This series uses everything from the wisdom of sages to breakthroughs in science and technology to improve your body, brain, and soul.

In case you missed it, let's discuss what biohacking means. Bio is short for biology, and hack in this sense means to manipulate. Think of it as do-it-yourself biology for self-improvement. These are small changes with possibly exponential impact. 

Whether you call the soul, spirit, or self, what we really mean is your heart. Not the physical organ beating inside your chest but your innate sense of being, compassion, and grit. Unlike hacks in the previous editions, no drug or exercise will give you the heart of a champion, the empathy of a hospice worker, or the humanity of a monk.

The power of sound

We use music in a variety of ways to suit our mood or activity. Do you have a special mix for working out and a completely different collection of tunes for chilling or making out? Of course, you do. Sound has a magical ability to affect your mood instantly.

Did you know that varying the frequency of sound can affect everything from digestion to cognitive function? Everything in your body is interconnected, and each part has a playlist of its own.

We have an interesting hack for good vibrations, and it's called the Lovetuner. Before you click the link and see the device that looks like a cross between a dog whistle and a one-hitter, let's talk about what it does. 

The secret to the Lovetuner is in the frequency. The 528Hz rhythm does more than calm you like a hippie burning patchouli but has physical and biological significance as well. The research is a bit sketchy, but some scientists believe 528Hz impacts our cells and DNA. 

If the Lovetuner is too new wavy, finding your chakras intense for you, try downloading an app like or sleepstream.


Sitting down with pen and paper for a few minutes every day is a great way to practice gratitude, enhance creativity, or perform a mental dump of all your issues. Many people journal at different times of the day to accomplish all three. 


There are many ways to practice gratitude but simply writing down what you're thankful for is amazingly cathartic. The key to the exercise is to be specific. Instead of saying you're grateful for your family, write about how you felt when you walked through the front door, and your baby girl toddled over to greet you. How did that change your day from a grind to absolute joy?


Many writers, artists, and others who rely on creativity for their life's work swear by the Morning Pages Journal from the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. If you're into podcasts and want to learn more about how morning pages can change your life, check out this episode of The Moment with Brian Koppelman. Brian is the writer/creator behind movies like Rounders and the tv show Billions

Mind dump

Have you ever read a text or a social media post that made you so crazy that you had to respond with an offensive comment or personal attack? We all get the urge to hit back every once and a while. Smart, level-headed people type out their response to purge it from their system and then hit delete. If you don't do it that way, maybe give it a try the next time you feel the temptation of engaging in a Twitter war.

That's one kind of mind dump, and another is to get a notebook for off-loading your thoughts regularly. Don't use one of those fancy leatherbound keepsake journals to pass wisdom down through generations. Pick up a cheap spiral tablet so you can vomit everything from your head to the page, then rip it out and toss it in the trash. It's housecleaning for your thoughts and doesn't require complete sentences or even words. You can draw, scribble, or use a pen to assault the paper. Whatever it takes to feel better. 

Multiply your fun

Do you think multiple orgasms are only a woman's thing? What if we told you that a guy could also hit the happy button repeatedly?

Just thinking about sex probably lightened your mood, but there are several physical and psychological effects of getting carnal. For more insight into the art of masculine multiplication, get the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know by Mantak Chia.

The book's cover looks like a pamphlet in the doctor's office, but the information is invaluable for taking your game to the next level. If you want the heart of a lion, harness the power of your libido. Not much in this world gives a guy more confidence than mating. It's the ultimate goal for everything we do.

Time for action 

So, there you have it. A list of biohacks to improve your body, brain, and soul. Did you pick a favorite hack, or was there one that piqued your interest enough to give it a try?

Remember, start slowly and talk to your doctor before attempting any diet, exercise, or supplement mentioned in this series.