5 Small but Mighty Productivity Hacks to Help You Improve 1% Every Day
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5 Small but Mighty Productivity Hacks to Help You Improve 1% Every Day

Published 04/12/2022

"Most people underestimate what they can do in a year, and overestimate what they can do in a day." - Atomic Habits by James Clear


How does a daily 1% improvement impact your overall performance in a year?


At first, 1% doesn't seem like that much and can be hard to quantify. It seems simple enough. Whatever you're trying to achieve, put a tiny bit of extra effort in daily. Those small efforts boost your progress exponentially through the power of compounding.

Getting 1% better every day equates to 7% better by the end of your first week. After one year, you'll achieve an almost 38% improvement.

Imagine how a 38% improvement in your daily run, meditation, finances, or job performance would affect the quality of your life.


Create multiple users

When it comes to our work life, whether it's our job or a side hustle, distractions are the enemy.

This simple hack allows us to work when it's time to work and play when it's time to play. Unless you work in the field, scrolling social media is playing, no matter the excuse.

On your laptop, create separate user profiles, one for work and another for leisure.

The "work" account should only have access to work-related apps and email. Twitter, Insta, and possibly your web browser should be removed to focus on the tasks at hand.

You can also set time limits on your phone to block the productivity-killing distractions of notifications and social media. Have your partner, assistant, or friend create the password for unlocking the time limits. If you want to cheat on your productivity, at least you'll have a gatekeeper.


Fake it before you make it

This fake is not the one performed outwardly to disguise a lack of experience, knowledge, or confidence. No, this is an internal fake.

James Clear says, "every action is a vote for the person you wish to become."

Use a new self-identity to accomplish your goals.

You're not trying to quit smoking. You're a non-smoker. Remembering your new identity helps defeat temptation and self-doubt. A guy trying to quit has a cigarette occasionally. A non-smoker wouldn't consider the option.

Another way to fake it before you make it is by mirroring the person you want to become.

If you want to become a great competitor, ask yourself, "What would Kobe Bryant do?"

Whatever your goal, there are likely others who have achieved great success that you can model.


The power of one

Everyone has those days where we're just not feeling it. We're tired, or maybe it's already been a crazy day, and we need a break.

During those days, use the power of one. Do a single pushup if you don't feel like exercising. Write one sentence when you have writer's block. Make the first sales call or whatever you need to do to get started. Most of the time, the first one is the hardest, and it's all it takes to keep going.

You can also use the power of one more. One more rep. One more minute. One more call. Whenever you feel like you're done for the day, do one more to hit that 1% improvement.


You can't do everything

Try not to confuse productivity with completing everything on your to-do list. The problem with doing it all is that it doesn't account for priorities.

Not all tasks are created the same. Don't let your to-do list keep you from your most valuable activities.

There's also a downside to crushing your daily tasks consistently. The more efficient we become, the more tasks we add to our list. It becomes a never-ending cycle. It's possible to be too efficient, and actual productivity will suffer.


Repair broken windows

The broken windows theory is what results from chaos and disorder. In simple terms, a single, unrepaired broken window on a building in a neighborhood is the beginning of its decline.

One broken window leads to a second one because people assume no one enforces order. After a few broken windows, someone breaks into the building, and others will follow. Eventually, residents abandon the neighborhood due to crime.

The same thing happens in our lives. We take shortcuts, cut corners, and engage in short-term behaviors until they become our operating system.

Eventually, what we perceive as productive and efficient turns into the weight that holds us down.

What's holding you down?

Can you do one more rep?

What are your priorities?

Who do you wish to become?

How can you achieve that extra 1% today?


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