11 Simple Actions to 10x Your Work and Life
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11 Simple Actions to 10x Your Work and Life

Published 06/24/2022

Are you constantly searching for life's cheat code? Well, here it is!

The truth is that most people are horrible at managing their life and career. 

Some men realize this fact and spend countless hours and resources mired in the self-loathing world of personal development. Are you sitting in front of a shelf full of self-help books right now? The crazy part is that most books give you the same information, but you keep buying them.

Suppose you're not a self-help junkie. Good for you. You're wandering around without a care in the world. Nobody needs to tell you what's up. You have life dialed in and feel sorry for those losers crying for help. Yeah, right!

What every man needs is to get back to the basics. There is no cheat code for life. Good luck and bad breaks happen to everyone. 

Here are 11 simple actions that you can start today to 10x your work and life:


Stop overthinking everything

The longer you let ideas marinate in your skull, the less likely you will act on them. Stop asking everyone's opinion (more on that later).

Don't think about talking to the hot guy or girl across the bar. Make your move! 

Stop letting great plans go to waste. Do something! 

The greatest idea you'll ever have is the one you act upon.


Be consistent

Consistency is the driver of remarkable results. Everyone charges out of the blocks when enthusiasm is at its peak, but the men who accomplish great things grind every day.

Good decisions followed by consistency over time lead to exponential results.


Learn to finish

Too many of us think we're done before we are. Our minds and bodies tell us to quit and that we've done enough. Think of finishing as exercising your "get stuff done" muscle.

Every obstacle is intimidating if you've never successfully reached the mountaintop. Once you conquer something difficult, everything will pale in comparison. You're now a finisher!


Curate your circle

Every person is the product of their five closest friends. You will likely be the product of whomever you spend the most time with in all areas of life. Choose your friends wisely.

Remember that the same rule applies to everyone else, so acceptance in a new circle may take some work on your part. 


Work the right room

"If you look around the room, and you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." - Lorne Michaels

Being the more intelligent, wealthier, or stronger than everyone else in a group is great for the ego but terrible for progress. MMA fighters like to use the phrase, "iron sharpens iron." That's why they want to train with the baddest dudes possible. 


Copy habits

One of the more popular bits of advice nowadays is to copy the habits and practices of successful people. 

I'm sure your favorite famous mentor meditates every morning, takes 2-hour long walks, and doesn't do meetings. That's great if you're in their position, but you probably wouldn't need to copy their habits if you were.

Find someone who's grinding today and emulate what they're doing instead of copying a guy who's already made it.


Choose the right partnerships

Whether for romance or business, finding the right partner is invaluable to your happiness and success. Look for someone who shares your same values and ethics but is complimentary to your abilities and interests.

It helps to embody the traits you're seeking in a romantic partner. If you want a physically fit and healthy partner, you're more likely to meet them at the gym than in line at Taco Bell.


Invest in yourself

The GOAT Tom Brady has coaches. Why don't you?

Never stop learning and constantly work to improve. We have unlimited resources when it comes to learning. Take a course, watch YouTube videos, or hire a coach. Don't focus on the cost. Instead, see the return on your investment of time or money.

Would you put $1,000 in a stock that you know would return $5,000? Of course, you would. Why won't you invest the same in yourself?


Focus on rare skills

We get caught up in what we think are in-demand skills when we should focus on the rare ones. The secret sauce of success is finding the one thing everyone hates and mastering it.

The guy who gets the most dates is probably the one who talks to the most people. The best salesman in your office will likely make the most calls. 

What rare skill can you develop?



Reading is the manifestation of curiosity. It's the most common denominator of the world's most successful people. We live in the golden age of information. Anything we wish to learn is at our fingertips. All we need is curiosity.


Take ownership

"You must own everything in your world. There is no one else to blame." - Jocko Willink

Maybe you weren't born with every advantage, or things haven't worked out as you planned, but to overcome anything, you first need to own it. 

Whatever your circumstance, take responsibility for it. Once you claim ownership, you're in control.


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